How Selling Your Own Home in Drexel Hill is Easy


If you are selling your house, you will go through a series of stressful activities from preparing your house, getting it listed in Drexel Hill, showing it to buyers, preparing all the paperwork, packing your stuff, preparing your new place, and eventually moving out just to sell your house quickly. But, selling a house fast may seem a little impossible these days with the tight competition in the real estate market. Luckily, there are various tips on how to do just that. We have compiled the best tips from real estate marketers and listed down tips to selling your own home in Drexel Hill.


The Price Should Be Right

If you are aiming to sell your house quickly, make the wise move of offering a very tempting price without really sacrificing or cutting a big chunk of your profit, after all, you are selling to gain money. Home shoppers today are well knowledgeable about the prices and value of house in different places. They have been doing their homework, and might even have more knowledge about the real estate market than you do. They are well equipped to make sure that they get the value for their money. To be able to attract them, get your agent or broker to show you the prices of at least three comparable houses in Drexel Hill to yours that were sold in your neighborhood. Once you have gathered the data, lower the price of about 5% to 15%. This way you are sure to receive offers and you may even start bidding with them.



Use Facebook

An average Facebook user has about 500 friends, so you may take advantage of this network to let the word out that you are selling your home. Post several pictures of your house, type in some catchy comments and ask your friends to share it. If that is not enough for you, join Facebook Groups in your area and from there post pictures of your house for sale. You just need to know the certain keywords to search for in looking for these groups.


Utilize Your Neighbors to Sell a House Fast in Drexel Hill

This tip is very interesting and is a very effective way for selling your own home in Drexel Hill. You can make your neighbors help you in looking for a home buyer by making them look for someone to buy your house themselves. There could always be that one neighbor who wish her best friend or her sister to live across her and take your house. You can invite them to your open house and show them the house’s potential and they can do the work of looking for your buyer.



Always Be Prepared For Unexpected Open House Visitors

Once you let the word out that you are selling your home, make it a point that your house is ready for showing all throughout the day. Some homebuyers may decide to visit you early in the morning or late in the afternoon depending on their schedule. Make sure that the house is clean and astonishing as how it appears on your advertisements, you should also look presentable always; refrain from drinking alcohol to avoid any embarrassment.


First Impression Lasts

Once your buyer walks through your lawn, they already came up with an impression about your house and impressions will play a big role in their decision making. So make sure that you get to wow your buyer’s right from the beginning by giving enough attention to the exterior of your house.



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