Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is located along the Central area of Africa with a population of about 4.7 million. This area is mainly savannahs with plenty of heat and dry areas throughout the year. They are dry and extremely hot for the majority of the year.
However, there are some regions here that are heavily forest locations. These variations in habitat offer plenty of diversity when it comes to the animals living here and the types of plant life growing. These areas experience rain storms almost daily.
There is no lack of water along the Central African Republic for survival and for plant life to grow. This is due to the Ubangi River basin that flows through the majority of it. Many people mistake it for the Congo River. This is because the two run into each other in several areas. The Chari Basin also offers plenty of water for this region.
The Dzanga-Sangha National Park is located here, and part of it is a rain forest. There are amazing animals who thrive here including elephants and gorillas. However, this has also made the area one where there are risks due to poachers.
This area was founded by the French in the latter part of the 19th Century. The settlers here gained their independence from France and they were determined to be able to survive in this area. Yet the existence has been a rocky one due to the quest for power and control over these lands. It hasn’t only been in the early days of settlement either.
Some of the biggest debates and fighting took place in the Central African Republic in 2012. The people were heavily divided due to economics, land ownership, and religion. The Muslims where the minority and they had no real chance of winning due to their low numbers. As a result, most of them were displaced from the area by 2014. Many of them were forcibly pushed out and others left on their own accord as a matter of safety.
Even though there is a wide variety of minerals found in the Central African Republic, it continues to be one of the poorest regions in all of Africa. Some of the minerals found here include gold, diamonds, and oil. The struggles stem from a lack of processing abilities, a lack of leadership, and a lack of equipment to take on such challenging work to reap those rewards.
Most of the residents of this area live in poverty, barely being able to have enough food to survive on. There is a high mortality rate among the young and the elderly due to poor health care and shelter. Most of them have very little education and they use older methods to farm small sectors of land. The average household income is about $400 annually.
Hydro power is the main source of energy in this region. Yet there is still a large volume of Central African Republic citizens that don’t have any running water or electricity in their shelters. They still have many older ways involved in their culture and religion they rely to help them survive these harsh conditions.

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